Local Area Network #Kolonnaden Kon-Tiki

interactive installation
carpet, tables, rhinestone sticker, accessorized monitors, Sims4, tmex-fullhouse-­stable-Cheat, energy drinks, teddy bear face shaped crisps, computer, keyboard, computer mouse, pillows, chairs, desk lamps, silk scarf, smiley fridge magnet, miscellaneous asseccorized cables
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Local Area Network #Kolonnaden Kon-Tiki tries to produce and actualise a community by relating participants with their virtual imaginary. It enlists gallery visitors by having them create virtual avatars of themselves which subsequently inhabit a virtual copy of the gallery space in the computer game Sims4. Functioning as a digital ready made, it provides a playful site of comparing, discussing, and reflecting on the difference between practices within digital and physical spaces. Its juxtaposition of digital and material community creates a continuous confrontation of virtual and physical practices, continuously measuring one against the other. Through the course of the exhibition, adaptions needed to be done to make the place „liveable“ for the avatars. It was hacked, for example, because the size of the community of visitors became bigger then the game allows.

Once upon a time, virtual spaces promised to forge humankind into a global community of respectful citizens, minding the vast expanse of cyberspace in elysian harmony. This bucolic promise seems to have shifted into satanic laughter as the virtual has turned into a deeply ambiguous and embattled zone, granting equal opportunity to hate and sympathy alike, undoing existing bonds as much as it forges new ones. Kolonnaden Kon-Tiki invites us on a journey to rediscover this forgotten promise, exploring the uncertain relations between physical/digital spaces and communal life.
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