Splitting Defense (running replica, early anthropocene, carbon dating: 0xc33 HE)

Braided wire, supra-aural headphone, diy passive electrodes (T3, C3, Cz, C4, T4, T5, P3, Pz, P4, T6), sheep skin, tripod, prototype experimental board, female connector, male connector, wireless receiver, single-board computer, beads, shrink-on tube, vermiculite, audio (15min)
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Tired of being a capitalist subject? Feeling torn between thankless chores at home and disaffected compliance in your job?

Do you have problems with low self-esteem?
Are you afraid of charging your partner for fulfilling their emotional or sexual needs?
Still giving out compassion, care, kisses, and love without seeing one penny in return?

Has your soul become a flophouse occupied by a mob of loved ones, (ex-)partners, family members, colleagues, and other pathological moochers?
Have you ever thought about giving up, dropping out, running away, about resigning, shutting down, about suicide, about going on a rampage, or driving off an overpass?

Is your life speeding up while you want it to slow down?

Are you having trouble balancing your professional ambition with your wish for harmony?

If one or more of the above apply, you are in need of Elli Kuruş’ Splitting Defense. Harnessing the power of neurotechnology*, non-monetary economy**, and the blockchain***, it will cure you from the travails of our diremptive times. Viewing the 'now' from the comfortable distance of future civilizations will put your problems in perspective.
Attune yourself to a tale of economies to come and brace yourself, as you become part of the whole again.

Get UNLIMITED* Access to Splitting Defense today for only 4.99* TC!
Transfer to 0x5ed8ce right away and get ready for the most holistic experience of your life!

Success guaranteed*!
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